OptiFacility (optimization facility) is an on-line route scheduling and planning service whose goal is to minimize the cost and time, and to maximize the quality of transport and logistics. OptiFacility is the result of 20 years of our experience in the field of optimization. The service is aimed at companies involved in transportation, such as couriers, product providers, technicians, inspectors, traveling salesmen and postmen. This includes field sales, delivery and pick up, and home and fleet services.

OptiFacility lets you quickly estimate the approximate time and transport costs of customer service, see where couriers should be best located, carry out simulations, examine potential scenarios, and perform analyses "what if ...".

OptiFacility can also handle various constraints, such as abilities required by facilities and provided by agents, limited capacities (for pickup and delivery), and availability time windows.

Using OptiFacility is possible in three ways:

We are also developing two additional ways:
  • mobile applications (Android, iOS),
  • through an advanced web site intended for large companies (employees, logisticians, decision makers).

An initial activation fee is required to use OptiFacility. Fees for service usage are very attractive and depend on the number of queries and their complexity. You can try OptiFacility for small cases (up to 10 locations and agents) for free by using "demo" as the username.